Do Me Noww

This is the tumblr i made because my old one had wayy too many followers that i knew. I want to post kinky stuff. myself squirting if i want too. i just want to let people inside my head, even if its too much for them to handle.
18+ please.

ask me something!?

Gimme somethin sexy.

Anyone horny?! I am.

Send me something and I’ll send you something 👍💗

anyone horny?

submit me something, and ill make a video for you… it will be as long as your picture makes me horny. (: …if that makes any sense


im horny, and you’re probably horny. SO… submit something good and ill send you something good ((:

Anonymous said: Is this tumblr still around?

yeah im back

reblog if you want me to start posting again!


asdtalentscout said: why did you stop posting?? i check back every day and nothing from you. whats going on?

ahhh idk! no one submits anything. so why post anythingg?

Anonymous said: hey its the 16 yr old and i think u should email me back:)

omg okay! (:

heatheratuva ««<(skype name)

ADD ME ON SKYPE! im high and super fucking hornyyyyyyy

i wish josh moore would email me back

hes so cute.